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Why Choose Us?

At Specialist Tutors, we offer patience, focus, diligence, encouragement, and empathy to help our students reach their highest potential. We use creative, interdisciplinary, educational tools to advance student learning. For instance, using music and innovative projects to teach English Grammar, or implementing film and open questioning to teach History. Additionally, we consistently monitor and assess student levels of learning, following when required, standardized test rules and regulations. Working with UK and US education systems for more than 10 years allows us to offer a mixture of both US and UK subjects which students from around the world can learn about, learn from, and thus engage with via our online platform.

Customized Learning 

All of our lessons are tailored to suit individual student needs. Whether you have a single assignment or a whole course that you need help with, we will use our diligence and expertise to help shape every session according to how you learn and what you need to excel in your studies. Our tutors are avid learners and will bring their expertise to your lessons with a personalized and creative approach. Countless students continue to excel in their studies with great joy! Please, allow us to assist you along your path of learning as well. It would be a pleasure.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Whether by auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learning, or a mixture of learning styles, no student learns in exact same way as the other. Here at Specialist Tutors, we understand the need for a creative, diverse, and inclusive styles of learning to suit all student needs. We therefore offer individualized one-to-one and group lessons, depending on your request.

The more information you are able to provide about you, or your child's learning needs, the better we can assist you along a successful learning process.

Proofreading and
Feedback for
Your Writing

We will assist with academic and non-academic written work, providing critical and constructive feedback and grammar corrections through Proofreading/Editing. Once your work has been proofread/edited, you will have the option of booking one or more lessons to discuss your proofread/edited notes. Also, if you would like lessons to discuss your Creative Writing work or assignments, feel free to book one or more lessons with a Specialist Tutors. We look forward to assisting you!


"Thank you so very much for getting back to me so quickly! I will definitely be using your services again!  It was worth every 

dime I spent on the Proofreading! Thank you again!" 

(Stacey Ivy)

"Highly recommended Karlene as a tutor. My son was not predicted to pass his Gcse English and he did not enjoy the subject. Karlene worked with him from the beginning of year 11 and her enthusiasm for the subject rubbed off on him. He managed to get grade 6 in Literature and grade 5 in Language. Cannot thank her enough."


Amazing! What can I say!

I'll definitely be using your services again!


"Excellent tutoring service! Wow!"

(Stewart D.)

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