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Specialist Tutors is an online tutoring, proofreading and editing company based in Oxford, registered in London, UK. We offer tuition in British-English and American-English. We cover: English, Religious Education/Studies, The Bible, Citizenship, Film Studies and Legal Studies.We are a corporate member of the Tutor's Association. Our Founder and Director (Karlene Rose Wilcox) is a senior eductor, filmmaker, writer, poet and a member of the Christian Legal Society. Her husband, Dante Alexander Wilcox, is a film director, screenwriter and a poet. Karlene and Dante are both the Directors of Wilcox Film Productions, a registered company in London, UK. 


We are committed to helping you excel in your learning with utmost confidence. With passion, patience, understanding, focus and diligence, we work to deliver lessons tailored to suit your needs. We are dedicated to empowering and inspiring academics and non-academics alike, ranging from students to stay-at-home mums, to filmmakers, to anyone who would like to expand their learning. We want to be a light, an encouragement, and a genuine inspiration to others. As such, we welcome tutors, proofreaders, editors, counsellors and trainee-counsellors, from any background to work with us.

We are a multi-cultural team, coming from countries such as the UK, the US and the Bahamas, and we are all experts in our areas of focus. All of our leaders, and most of our growing pool of tutors, share the Christian faith. Contact us today, and we will connect you with team members who specialise in your areas of interest.



During her many years of teaching children and adults, Karlene has taught countless students using conventional and non-conventional styles of teaching. To begin with, Karlene helps her students recognise their preferred styles of learning through interactive questionnaires which she designs herself. She believes that providing students with the choice in how they study, and offering them opportunities to actively participate in their learning, greatly contributes to their learning progress and experience. She continues to find that, when given a choice in how to study, students drastically excel in their work, focus and confidence - no matter their age. Additionally, once empowered with the choice in how they learn, the vast majority of Karlene's students become noticeably more excited and greatly surprised by their learning development, even if they initially disliked their subject of study.

We look forward to assisting you.

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