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Specialist Tutors is an online tutoring, proofreading and editing company based in Oxford, UK.  We are dedicated to empowering and inspiring academics and non-academics alike, ranging from students, to stay-at-home mums, to filmmakers. All members of the team are native English speakers. They are experts in their fields, and most hold degrees (e.g BA, BSc, Masters, PhD). 
Our company was formed by our Founding DirectorKarlene Rose WilcoxHer main goal was to create a professional educational company founded on empathy, integrity, equality and inclusive education for all. Her current goal is to raise funds for children and adults around the world who, due to natural disaster, are struggling financially and cannot afford an education (whether they hope to study online, in school, or in university).
Karlene's second aim was to find specialist tutors who would come alongside students to equip them with the knowledge, confidence, motivation and inspiration to succeed in their learning. Her second aim was to find diligent, caring and humble professionals dedicated to achieving such a privileged task, and who are willing to use creative reflective teaching and learning methods to do so. She wanted lessons to consist of clear and easy to understand creative methods of learning. In her mind, creative methods included key artistic and non-artistic skills students primarily identify with. For instance, using music and interactive project work to teach English Literature, or developing films with students and using open questions to teach English Language. Thus, here at Specialist Tutors, we use creative, interdisciplinary, educational tools to advance student learning. 
At the start of your first lesson, you will be given a short interactive questionnaire to find out your primary forms of learning and any creative skills you identify with. The questionnaire will assess your visual (seeing), audio (listening) and kinaesthetic (doing) skills. We will then incorporate your key forms of learning into each of your lessons and homework. 
We always work together as a professional, diligent, empathetic, inclusive and innovative team to successfully support you, our clients, in your education - helping you fulfill your dreams!
We value our team members and clients (the latter, that's you!)
All of our staff are independent contractors who receive ongoing support and encouragement from Specialist Tutors. We constantly assess and monitor the progress of all our tutors, proofreaders and editors. We do so with a professional, supportive and empathetic attitude. Prior to securing a role as independent contractors, all members of Specialist Tutors are requested to provide their qualifications, background check information, and short bio's regarding relevant academic and non-academic accomplishments.
We look forward to assisting you!
Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.
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