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Specialist Tutors is dedicated to promoting the advancement of academics and non-academics alike, including students and filmmakers. Members of the Specialist Tutors team are all native English speakers who are experts in their fields, and who hold degrees (e.g BA, BSc, Masters, PhD). 
Specialist Tutors was formed by Karlene Wilcox and Dante Alexander Wilcox
Karlene is a native English Senior Educator who has been teaching for 10+ years. She is also a Proofreader, Editor, Writer, Curriculum Developer and an Exam Specialist currently completing her PhD. Karlene works with both UK and US education systems, and is also an Executive Film Producer and a Script Editor working on a film. Her subjects include: UK English (Lit/Lang; GCSE, A-levels, degree work, adult learner levels), Cambridge English exams (ESOL, EFL, IELTS), Religious Education (RE/RS), UK Citizenship, Teacher-Training (TEFL, TESOL, PGCE) and Encouragement for educators and prospective educators/Coaching. Karlene teaches teenagers to adults. She also offers UK English Proofreading and Editing services (grammar and sentence structure checks). 
Dante is an American Educator, a Creative English Writer, Poet, current Film Director and Screen Writer also working on a film. His subjects include: Film Studies and Screen WritingUS English (Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Expository Writing, Critical Thinking Skills, Communications) and Bible Studies. Dante teaches teenagers to adults. He also offers US English Editing services (grammar and sentence structure checks). 
Both our founders (who also sometimes tutor students, proofread and edit documents), and independent contractors (educators, proofreaders and editors), work together as an innovative team to successfully advance our clients' education and practice.
We value our team members and clients (the latter, that's you!)
All professional members within the Specialist Tutors' team receive ongoing support and encouragement. Additionally, Specialist Tutors continuously assesses and monitors the progress of all our tutors, proofreaders and editors. We do so with a caring, supportive and empathetic attitude. All members of Specialist Tutors are requested to provide their qualifications, background check information, and bio's regarding their academic and non-academic work, prior to securing a role as an independent contractor.
Taking into consideration the hard work implemented on a constant basis by Specialist Tutors' private tutors, proofreaders and editors, Specialist Tutors maintains only 10% commission (per lesson/proofreading/editing). Tutors, proofreaders and editors therefore receive 90% of their earnings. Most tutor companies take a much higher commission. 
We look forward to assisting you!
Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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